Sunday, January 31, 2016

In Case You Thought Hillary Would Be Indicted for Emails, Think Again – White House Says No Way

Washington, D.C. — On Friday, the State Department announced it is withholding 22 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email dump because they contain information marked “top secret.”
News of this scandal quickly spread as bipartisan calls for her indictment came out of every political corner. In spite of this confirmation of a crime from the White House, Clinton’s campaign immediately objected, putting out a statement demanding that the emails be released.
When you know that the emails won’t be released, a demand for them to be released comes particularly easy.
While it certainly would be an amazing spectacle to see such a high-level political war criminal face justice, the likelihood of such a scenario is all but non-existent — and the White House has no problem admitting it.
Hilary is not some rogue state actor operating unilaterally of the system. All of her criminal actions have had the blessing of her peers and higher-ups — which is why none of them will call her out — for fear of justice themselves.
To prove this notion, one need only watch the White House press conference that followed the release of the emails.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest all but ended and thought of justice for Hillary during the conference on Friday when he was asked if he could “say with certainty and confidence that Secretary Clinton will not be indicted because of this email scandal.”

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