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Think It Can't Happen Here? Austin Bomber's Capture Exposes Depth Of US Surveillance State

RTWT @ Zero Hedge here
Pat attention to this part...
" Worse: The public doesn’t care what’s happening.
Let’s summarize what these main points mean, for those of you who docare:
  1. The cellular telephone is nothing more than a tracking device…as mentioned, it “pings” its position and gives away the location of the owner…along with all of his vital information in the file… every four seconds.
  2. The cell phone’s location is tied into the location of every camera, public and private that has a tie-in to the CCTV system monitored by law enforcement in the fusion centers…from the Happy Burger parking lot cameras to the cameras mounted at the intersections in cities, towns, and suburbs. As the happy cell phone passes these locations, the movement is tracked in real time, and recorded.
  3. Granted, they had a suspect, but they can review all of the cameras at any business at any given time…to show what Joe the Plumber-turned-bomber may be purchasing at the friendly store…and they can tie that film in with real-time with the cell phone.
  4. The vehicle is also the “buddy” of the police and the surveillance establishment. They take pictures and film of the license plate, the car, and glimpses of Joe the Plumber driving it…corroborated by the happy, ever-pinging cellular telephone (the tracking device).
  5. All this data for everyone’s movements is recorded, catalogued, and stored…stored away for an indefinite period of time (forever) until the information is needed as evidence or in an investigation. Investigation!  Doesn’t that sound exciting?  Guess what?  Everyone is being investigated, and all of the data on everyone is kept.
  6. Purchases! Everybody has to buy things, stuff, etc.  Every time you pull up to the gas pump, the car is photographed.  The POS (point of sale) at the register tabulates and inventories everything, tying it in to the gas pump, with a picture of Joe and whatever form of fiat he used to pay for the gas and bag of chips.  Purchases track in real time, access whatever form of payment you use, tying you in with others…if you use your spouse’s credit card, for example.
  7. Cops have license plate/tag readers that can read hundreds of different plates, categorizing all of them in accordance with sensitive data that may have nothing to do with driving upon the roads or their record with the vehicle.
  8. Every Internet search, every purchase, every query, every e-mail is saved and read/tabulated into the overall matrix that assesses the potential for an individual to be “harmful” and stored…to be matched against the subject’s behavior and movements at a later date. Systems are already in place that analyze keystrokes for the comparison and narrowing down of who the typist is.
  9. Every library sign-out…film, music, or book…is saved and kept for future reference.
  10. Biometrics are making the “fingerprint” even more specific…with eye to eye distances, ear shapes, and gaits measured.  Any exposed portion of the skin, and the movement and function of the limbs is analyzed and recorded.
  11. Every piece of mail is scanned to save sender and recipient’s addresses and (of course) purchases are recorded within the company and matched against what is sent out and to whom.
  12. Satellites can target and surveil in real time and tie in to all of the little devices just mentioned.
  13. Laptop computers can be traced in accordance with the purchaser’s information from the POS and onward…and the laptops record, photograph, and film as well as putting forth a “ping” of their own…especially when connected to the Internet. All laptop use is matched and corresponded to other places of business (their cameras, etc.)
  14. Association: when you’re on your laptop, and here come Smiling Sam and Brother Bob, each with pinging cell phones…letting the authorities know that in that moment of time (Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”) Sam and Bob were right in front of you. Later they can haul both of them in to corroborate that you were on your laptop in front of HappyBurger at whatever date or time they have on record.
This excerpt shows that all of these items are in place. Yes, they are surveilling you…are watching all of us. The surveillance is not ubiquitous yet. Not yet. It will be, and soon. They utilized every feature mentioned above to find the bomber. Great. Society has triumphed, and the mad bomber has met his end.
But has society really triumphed? That article gives you insight into how the cage is almost completed…the construction is just about finished. What requires further thought is what they will do with this surveillance once it is in place and ubiquitous. Just a few further thoughts for your consideration. You may want to watch what you place into your e-mails and comments. There are techies in the Puzzle Palace and at Ft. Meade whose function is identifying the commenters.
Don’t place anything on the Internet that can come back and bite you later. The most effective means of exchange are not on the Internet when it comes to information. Blogs, writers, and commenters have already been “marginalized” and their effectiveness diminished because it is an open source. Your true effectiveness in getting things done is at the “grass roots” level…locally, in small groups for discussion. Your “tool of transmission” is a manual typewriter.  Need copies?  Get back to Carbon paper. There won’t be a recording of what you copied at your FriendlyCopy center…the one with your information in real-time, right under the eye of the happy surveillance camera in the corner.
The one that superficially is to make sure you don’t take more than 1 or 2 paper clips…but manages to send the fusion centers every bit of data they need to match up their culprit (the copier) to the scene of the crime. They’ll also match up his credit card at the register, tally up his total purchases and copies over a period of time, and get plenty of information as it films him walking through the store and out the door.
Bottom line: we’re all “guilty” according to laws they haven’t even written yet. It is all about building a case against the average citizen. If you’re not the wolves, then you’re one of the cattle, in their eyes.
It will become worse. Much, much worse. If you doubt it and do not take necessary precautions, you may find out it exists when they come knocking on the door. It may already be too late, and their song is “We’ve Only Just Begun,” by Karen Carpenter…. but not to smile. They’ve been doing that for years, as they have taken our taxes to craft the very cages that are almost completed. The next step? Not hard to figure out, and it has happened before…as history repeats itself. Think “Solzhenitsyn,” and think of tomorrow. "

Codrea: Stevens’ Call to Repeal Second Amendment Caps a Career of Judicial Subversion


Left intentionally unsaid is that, per a prior Supreme Court, the militia is “expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time [and] “the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear … ordinary military equipment … that … could contribute to the common defense.”

USA – -( “Repeal the Second Amendment,” retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens declared in a Tuesday “op-ed” in The New York Times.  It’s actually the third time “the newspaper of record” has hosted such sentiments in recent months, and they’re hardly alone.
But no one’s talking about taking your guns, the gun-grabbers scoff.  Honest.
Citing the “dark money”-funded #MarxForOurLives media events we’re told were “organized” by children, Stevens cites ginned-up “demand” as justification for gun bans and for the eradication of a right the Founders deemed “necessary to the security of a free State.”
Recognizing the dangers of “pure democracy” mob rule, our Bill of Rights defined some of the areas where the individual would be immune to the will of the collective. Stevens knows that. His ignoring it is a motivated choice.
What this means is, no matter how many of us disagree with you, we cannot lawfully use force to shut you up, to suppress your political views, or to make you worship in the way we see fit. We cannot break into your house and search your property without probable cause and a legal warrant. We can’t torture you into confessing to a crime. Barring behaviors on your part to disqualify yourself from incarceration after being afforded full due process protections, we cannot strip you of your right to keep and bear arms.
The safeguard against tyranny provided by an armed populace from which a citizen militia can be formed is “a relic of the past,” Stevens counters, providing no additional corroboration beyond his say-so.
Now there’s a neat trick—because the government has ignored its duty it can now declare it obsolete.  Try that with your employer. Stevens is offering a personal opinion here, not a legal one. And note he doesn’t say what about human nature has changed.
In the previous century that saw two world wars, continual violent political upheaval, genocide and systemic, brutal tyranny and repression, and noting the continuation into this century, has humanity truly demonstrated a benevolence and maturity that distinguishes our era from those that preceded us? In a culture that breeds gang warfare, rampant violence, city-crippling riots and a national murder rate measured in the tens of thousands, how can anyone credibly claim that the need for individual and collective defense is a relic of the past? And ultimately, what is this “outdated” Second Amendment really about, if not the preservation of a free people when all other options to defend life and liberty have been exhausted? Against all enemies, individual and aggregated, foreign and domestic…?
Don't look for Stevens to address that.
While it’s true Congress has been allowed to abandon its Constitutional duty “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia,” former diplomat Alan Keyes correctly notes that’s something a free people ought to revive. The question now becomes how to convey that to lawmakers as an expectation with credible consequences should they continue to shirk an enumerated job requirement.
“For over 200 years after the adoption of the Second Amendment, it was uniformly understood as not placing any limit on either federal or state authority to enact gun control legislation,” Stevens claims.

“Any limit”? What a liar.

And that would come as a surprise to William Rawle, whose ”View of the Constitution” was the standard Constitutional law text at leading universities in the early 19th Century. Here’s what he had to say:
“No clause in the Constitution could by any rule of construction be conceived to give the Congress a power to disarm the people. Such a flagitious attempt could only be made under a general pretence by a state legislature. But if in any pursuit of an inordinate power either should attempt it, this amendment may be appealed to as a restraint on both.”
Read more @ Ammoland here

Friday, February 23, 2018

Dr. Yokiel/Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care Lawsuit Update

I copied and pasted my post from here

My apologies for the delay in getting info out to those interested.
Between work and a kid in the hospital,my wife breaking her arm in two places,and just life in general,I have not had any time to write a post,or e-mail those interested in lawsuit.
This is what’s going on so far:
Lawyer is filing whatever it is he has to file,after that,there’s a process for lawsuit to get certified as a class action.
At that point,the lawyer/his staff will need to have everyone’s e-mail so that they can get details from each person.
Once that happens,I’ll continue to post updates here,and at
Not sure how much lawsuit info is available via court websites,I believe it is not public info while lawsuit is ongoing. Should have asked atty,but forgot to.
Once I get a case# for class action,I’ll e-mail to everyone,so you can see whatever info is available via court websites.
The attorney/his staff will also update everyone as lawsuit progresses.
I would like to find more people interested in being part of class action as well,more people is always better  than fewer.
I will e-mail link to this post to everyone who’s e-mail I have.
Legal proceedings take way to long in my opinion,but nothing any of us can do about this.
Back in November,when I first started trying to get class action lawsuit going,I did not think it would take a couple months to get enough people interested to form class action,nor did I know how slowly lawsuits move through the courts.
I’m not a lawyer-I worked 22 years as executive chef in hotels and private country clubs,got sick of always being inside and working every holiday.
Worked in building trades after that,as I did that part time while working foodservice anyhow.
Studied mechanical engineering and architectural engineering in college-what I learned there is a long way from law school.
Guy I was working for in restaurant kitchen talked me into apprenticeship program to become chef-the $$$ at that time was better than what I would have made as engineer-so that’s why work ad college are not related.
Thanks to all who have shown interest in becoming part of lawsuit-it’s going to happen,just took a lot more time and effort than I thought it would.
Anyone else who wants to contact me about lawsuit…
e-mail me @

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Attn: Former Chronic Pain Patients of Dr. Jerome Yokiel/Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care in Beachwood Ohio

I was one of Dr. Yokiel’s chronic pain patients,who was forced to undergo opiate withdrawls after being on the meds for 11 1/2 years.
I am trying to get a class action lawsuit going,and need some more former patients willing to be part of the suit.
I received,and saw a lot of others receive horrible care from Cleveland Clinic hospitals and Cleveland Clinic pain mgt programs. I was told I didn’t need any pain meds of any kind by the asshole at Euclid hospital pain mgt. Despite a record of serious injuries dating to 1978,over 60 ortho surgeries,and more broken bones than 90% of the population-(according to a few Dr’s and radiologists)
This is way beyond unethical,and violates every known medical standard for weaning a patient off of opiates.
Let’s sue the sonsofbitches who did this,including Dr Yokiel,Clevleand Clinic,the Ohio State Medical Board,and if I’m right about why Dr. Yokiel was shut down-the DEA.
This was done to chronic pain patients by our NE Ohio medical community,and state and likely fed agencies.
Our government and their fake ass “fighting  the opioid epidemic” did this to us.
This was not right,and should never happen to anyone who is a chronic pain patient again.
If a Dr decides that a chronic pain patient doesn’t need to be on pain meds-there is an established process for weaning people off of opiate pain meds-
and it sure as hell ain’t the Cleveland Clinic’s f*ck you-no one dies from opiate withdrawls.
If you’re a freakin heroin addict-they’ll admit you and wean you off opiates,and put you in a treatment program-if you’re a chronic pain patient…
The DEA is more interested in shutting down legit pain mgt docs who they feel write too many scripts than they are shutting down heroin and fentanyl dealers.
Think about that for a minute.
Lets sue these sonsabitches so they don’t keep doing this to chronic pain patients.
Contact me @

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Precision Long Range School

Precision Long Range School
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NRA Precision Long Range School You will have the opportunity to shoot behind some of the best long range equipment available on the market today, combined with very knowledgeable instructors that break down the process in great detail for you. Here is what a few of our recent students had to say... "Excellent job of covering many complex subjects in depth necessary to allow good rang results. Classroom instruction was reinforced on the range." "Clearly a lot of effort went into setting up targets and maintaining the range". "The Surgeon rifle and Nightforce scope were a superb system." "Very organized, the schedule was well laid out and we knew what to expect". The NRA Precision Long Range School is the ultimate long range shooting experience available. This school has been specifically designed to provide the world’s absolute best equipment, ranges, and instructors to teach you how to hit very small targets out to and beyond 1,100 yards, and show you how to make hits on the first shot. This unique, school covers a spectrum of long range shooting disciplines. Further, it allows students to incorporate best practices from all types of long range competition disciplines, tactical long range methods, and long range hunting techniques. This school will be taught in MILS and students will learn techniques surrounding, but not limited to: • Dialing • Holding Off • Target Transition • Advanced Long Range Marksmanship • The First Shot • Long Range Speed Shooting • Suppressors Usage • Advanced External Ballistics • Advanced Wind Reading • Applied Ballistics Software Understanding The NRA Precision Long Range School provides the absolute best equipment to include: • Surgeon Rifles with Modular Driven Technology Chassis, chambered in the low recoiling very high ballistic coefficient, .260 Remington cartridge • Nightforce ATACR MIL-R Optics • AWC Suppressors • Swarovski Range Finding Binoculars • Swarovski Spotting Scopes • Nexus Ammunition • Kestrel’s With Applied Ballistics Software PREREQUISITES • Suitable for newer long range rifle shooters and suitable for experienced long range shooters or competitive shooters • Suitable for responsible adult gun owners, SAFE shooters who are familiar with rifle shooting • You should be in adequate physical condition and can stand for several hours outdoors • You should be able to fire from the prone position • You should have some understanding of long range shooting • ALL NRA rules apply
Geographic Location:
Gerrardstown West Virginia
How To Get There:
Fly to Dulles International airport and take rental vehicle to facility.
Lodging can be booked at this link via NRA Outdoors/Peacemaker’s Lodging Partners: have found that Hampton Inn tends to offer the best rates for our class.)
What's Included:
The 2 Day NRA Precision Long Range School provides the absolute best equipment to include: • Surgeon Rifles with Modular Driven Technology Chassis, chambered in the low recoiling very high ballistic coefficient, .260 Remington cartridge • Nightforce ATACR MIL-R Optics • AWC Suppressors • Swarovski Range Finding Binoculars • Swarovski Spotting Scopes • Nexus Ammunition • Kestrel’s With Applied Ballistics Software Lunch will be provided at the range.
What's NOT Included:
Transportation to the facility, lodging. Breakfast and dinner are on your own
At NRA Outdoors we’ve searched the fields and forests, streams and oceans all over the world for your dream hunting trips. We’ve developed relationships with top-notch outfitters and we keep constant tabs on their amenities, success rates, trophies bagged, personnel and more. At NRA Outdoors we can steer you to what you’re looking for because we know these people and exactly what they have to offer.