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Deer Hunting

Posts will be made in the evenings all week-it's Ohio's firearms deer season.
There may be some posts from a friend during the daytime who I've added as another author.
I'm outta here,we've got an hour and ten minute drive,and I've got a few things to get ready-like my lunch and thermos of coffee.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

T.L. Davis-Seeds of Hatred

It boggles the rational mind that so many could be so dedicated to nothing other than the preservation of the nation, of the rights of individuals and the respect for human life and be denigrated so thoroughly by those who call themselves humanitarians.

This is the trouble I have with liberals. There is no substance behind their professions of compassion. And it doesn't take much of a peek behind the curtain to see their true ambitions. They openly celebrate and even honor despicable people such as Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, an obvious and emphatic racist. They continue to give the Margaret Sanger Award to their most productive child destructionist and parts salesperson of the year with no shame.

They have injected into the American mindset the concepts of communism so thoroughly, some of it sounds American, because it incorporates Christian values of charity. The weakness in America is largely due to its Christian ethos, where all baser instincts towards dealing with the dismantling of a once great culture are smothered by decency. So, we stand by, watching the life-blood of our nation spill out over the continent, while we comport to the values of the Bible.

Even when our Christian faith is assaulted, our belief belittled by the masters of the media and our own government, we stand by. Now, as the Muslim faith is brought among us, built up in specific areas where Sharia Law is given precedent over our laws and our Constitution, there is only the whimper of Christian prayers.

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Opportunists Blaming Constitutionalists for Planned Parenthood Murders

 Via David Codrea here

 “Predictably, the enthusiastic blood dancing and knee-jerk demands for more “gun control” have commenced with eye-rolling feeding frenzy fervor, along with no shortage of hate-filled tirades against “ammosexuals.”  And naturally, the political temptation will exist to “do something.”  Here’s what to keep in mind:

"Nothing will be enough.  Nothing would have had a chance to stop or minimize these killings except armed citizens on the scene. Even if the goal of total citizen disarmament were enacted, which is what the goal is, that would depend on everyone obeying such edicts, and on government officials and functionaries benevolent and wise enough not to abuse absolute power.
Now, as always, advocates for the right of the people to keep and bear arms must hold fast, not waver, and not listen to the phony siren call of “compromise.” That’s not possible with those who will greedily take what they have no moral claim to, one piece at a time, but who won’t be satisfied until they have it all.
Now, as always, the unified position of serious gun rights activists must remain:
Along with that, there’s one final response to those demanding our guns anyway, and this is bolstered by the latest “We will not comply” example — from Los Angeles of all places — where orders to turn in banned magazines have resulted in a 100% noncompliance rate:
No. Your move."

Whitetail Deer Hunting After the November Rut

  Image result for whitetail bucks

As the month of November draws to a close,the rut has passed-(at least around NE Ohio)-bucks seem to vanish.
 The bucks are exhausted from the rut,as they've spent a couple weeks acting like horny teenage boys with a non-stop supply of horny teenage girls wiling to do the deed.
They don't vanish,they do rest a bit more,but the big bucks are still on the move-they have to drink water at least twice a day,and as it gets colder,they have to eat more not only to stay warm,but to replace the weight and muscle lost during the November rut.
 The key (s) to finding bucks now is food sources and bedding areas.
Set up on a trail near a food source,either one going in for afternoon/evening hunts,or a trail going from a food source to a bedding area for an early morning hunt.
  Something a lot of hunters don't concentrate on are the two secondary ruts.
The first begins 28 days after the peak rut in your area,as around 10% of does do not get bred during the main rut.
These does go intro estrous,and get bucks chasing after them-just like the main rut-but a much,much smaller version.
Once you figure out the approximate date of the peak rut,you can begin using doe in estrus scents,estrous bleats,and grunt tubes 28 days later.
 The buck I got last year came in to a combination of doe bleats and grunt tube calls.
I did have some scent wicks out-but he came in from the wrong direction to have been able to get wind of them.
That buck didn't have much of a rack-he was a big bodied deer,and likely the dominant buck in his area,judging by how busted up his rack was,and the newly formed scars he had.
The buck began the season as a high-racked 6 point,by the time I shot him on Dec. 6th,he had a broken brow tine,3 points on one side,and two on the other.
  He went down after a 30 yard or so shot from a .45caliber  240 gr Hornady XTP mag jhp bullet in a .50 caliber sabot-pushed by 2 50gr Triple7 pellets. I prefer the .44 cal 240 gr XTP's in a .50 cal sabot,as they are much easier to load,but my brother and I had split a box of 20 of the .45 cal XTP mags.
My preferred load is the .44 cal XTP pushed by 95-100 grains of Triple 7 FFFG,as it's a higher velocity load,and accurate out to 150 yds.

 Okay,back to late season tactics-after the 10% of does that didn't get bred in the peak/main rut have been bred-usually in early to mid December,depending on timing of main rut-there a third,but extremely small percentage of your local deer herd that go into estrous around the first or second week of Jan.
That very,very small third rut-( maybe 2-3% of the local deer herd)- is generally yearling does coming into estrous for the first time.
This very minor rut coincides with Ohio's January muzzleloader season.
I've had success during this period using estrous bleats and a grunt tube sparingly.

 Some stuff I've learned about whitetails over the years...
Bucks use grunts,and does use bleats a lot more than most of us realize-several years ago,I had a 2 year plus long series of surgeries done on my leg,in the nice weather,I would sit on our deck most of the daylight hours-hell,I couldn't do a whole hell of a lot during the first year and a half of that period of torture-(see pic on sidebar  of landing page @
  During that time,I watched does with newborn fawns,does with fawns as they grew up their first summer,bachelor groups of bucks,bucks making rubs and scrapes,bucks chasing does,and bucks and does during the rut.
 As I watched the steady procession of deer emerge from the woods that are the Cuyahoga Valley National Park,what I heard was almost constant vocalization,bucks grunt all year 'round,does and fawns bleat all year 'round.
 After the bucks have rubbed the velvet from their antlers,sparred with the others in the bachelor groups,and the bachelor groups have broken up-their grunts change.
They get louder and longer,there are more snort-wheeze challenges made when bucks spot other bucks,and then the bucks start fighting in earnest.
 Once the pecking order has been established,and the dominant buck has beat up on all challengers,the bucks start making scrapes and rubs in earnest.
Most scrapes will be made under a tree at a field edge,or where thick cover turns to small trees.almost every scrape has a branch hanging down that the bucks can reach-they lick the branch,and rub their heads on it-(there's scent glands in the buck's head).
 As I've said in other posts about deer hunting-make a fake scrape line-and be sure there's a branch hanging within the buck's reach over the scrape.
All you have to do is clear all the leaves,branches and other debris in a half-circle/oval shape under the tree-make a bunch-I usually make a line of 6-8 fake scrapes.
 **** Great new technique****
Something I tried for the first time this year is using the branches I cut when I cleared shooting lanes-tying some  OD color paracord between trees that had no branches hanging down that a buck could reach,and zip-tying the branches to the paracord.
Holy shit-the bucks tore those branches up-I'll be using that again next year.

  You can use scents such as Active Scrape-(or just piss in the scrapes yourself-but be sure you're hydrated so your piss is clear),or add some doe urine in the early fall,then a few drops of estrous doe urine starting around the first week of November-don't use estrous scents any earlier-or you'll spook the deer,they know that's not normal.
  Then as the leaves turn colors,and nights get colder in late October/early November-the first does start coming into estrous,and the bucks are on their feet chasing those first estrous does for much of the day-and all of the night.
This goes on for about two weeks most years,despite weather,the peak rut remains fairly consistent year after year.
In Ohio,there's probably more deer killed the second week of November than any time except the week-long gun season.

  For the best chance at a late season buck-get out and hunt the really old days,hunt the days a low pressure system is moving in,hunt in the rain,if it's not cold enough to snow.
Other than the rut (s),I've taken most of my big bucks on days with a cold drizzle or light rain.
After that,the day before a big snow hits is always a good day,as is just after a big snow.
 The bucks are still there-it ain't rocket science to find 'em-know the deer trails in the areas you hunt-the big trails are almost always doe trails-look 10-15 yards to either side of the doe trails,and most of the time,you will find a much less traveled trail-these are the trails the bucks use.
 Know where the bedding areas and food sources are-never try to hunt a stand or blind near a bedding area in the afternoon/evening-you'll get busted-the deer will see and/or smell you.
They choose the bedding areas for a reason-they can see any danger approaching from a long ways off. Hunt near bedding areas really early in the morning-get in to your stand/blind well before daylight,and you have a good chance of catching a buck coming back to his bedding area after feeding all night.

 Those who live in areas with large stands of mature timber,and huge hunting areas can take big bucks by tracking them in the snow-search for Larry,Lanny,and Lane Benoit-an entire family of some of the best deer trackers who ever lived.

Do More P.T.!

Obama Administration Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’

Via NC Renegade here


The Obama administration has warned states to comply with federal efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in communities around the U.S. or else find their states subject to enforcement action.
In a letter this week, the Office of Refugee Resettlement threatens states concerned about resettling Syrians with punitive responses if they refuse to accept the refugees. ORR explains that states may not refuse ORR-funded benefits for refugees on the basis of religion and national origin.
“Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR-funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees,” ORR Director Robert Carey wrote in the letter. “Any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the State Plan requirements, applicable statutes, and their own assurances, and could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension and termination.”
The agency also pointed to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, prohibiting discrimination for federally funded assistance benefits. Refugees are immediately eligible for welfare and other benefits upon admission to the U.S.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Grigg-World’s Most ‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’ is Actually the Daughter of Texas DEA Head Honcho


“You don’t see many drug traffickers retire,” gloated Bill Furay, head of the DEA’s office in Beaumont, Texas, following the arrest of a wealthy couple from a tiny neighborhood in Pearland. “Either they end up in prison, or they end up dead.”
Furay apparently never had time to give that lecture to his teenage daughter, Sarah — who was arrested earlier this month on drug-trafficking charges that could result in decades behind bars.
For many years, Furay has styled himself the implacable scourge of drug dealers, becoming a familiar presence at triumphant DEA press conferences announcing mass arrests and seizures of contraband and proceeds.
“Basically, we’re targeting criminal organizations, gangs, trying to hit them where they live and breathe,” Furay boasted following a large-scale bust following “Operation Blood Loss” in 2009. “Operation Agent Orange” in June 2010 propelled Furay into the spotlight yet again: A multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force staged a massive operation spanning several counties to arrest 60 people allegedly involved in a drug-trafficking ring tied to Mexico’s Sinaloa narcotics cartel. US Attorney Malcolm Bates described the narcotics operation as the “United Nations of drug trafficking.” Like most initiatives of its kind, Agent Orange began with information sweated out of low-level dealers seeking a “downward departure” in sentencing in exchange for leniency.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Have a great day,spend time with family and friends,relax,enjoy good food.

Think of the things you have to be thankful for this year.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


By Publius Huldah
21, 2015
If there is an Article V convention, we will lose the Constitution we have, and another Constitution will be imposed.
You are not getting both sides of this issue. Throughout the Country, those of us who are warning of the dangers of an Article V convention are marginalized, ridiculed, smeared, shut out of meetings, and barred from speaking in public forums. THIS short essay from the Principled Policy Blog describes what we face every day.
THIS article is an account by Donny Harwood, a Citizen of Tennessee, describing how he was shut out of the public meeting which the Convention of States people held on October 19, 2015 at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. According to The Leaf-Chronicle, a number of Tennessee Legislators were at the meeting. A prominent Tennessee radio talk show host was also present.
And everyone at the meeting was prevented from hearing the other side of this issue.
The reason convention proponents forbid dissenting voices is that we prove, by means of Facts and original source documents, that the claims and promises of the convention proponents are false. HERE are some of the original source documents Legislators would hear about if they were presented with the other side of this issue.
We are in the final stage of a takeover. Leftists of every variety want a new Constitution to legalize our transformation from the constitutional Republic created by our existing Constitution to a dictatorship.
To get a new Constitution, they need a convention. So they are telling conservatives that our Constitution is causing our problems and we need to amend the Constitution. And they say we can only make the amendments they say we need at a convention.
Article V of our Constitution provides two methods of amending our Constitution. Congress:
1. Proposes amendments, or
2. Calls a convention to propose amendments if 34 States apply for it.
The first method was used for our existing 27 amendments: Congress proposed them and sent them to the States for ratification or rejection.
Under the second method, Congress calls a convention. We have never had a convention under Article V. Such conventions are extremely dangerous. THIS is one of many articles which illustrate the danger, sets forth warnings from two of our Framers and two former US Supreme Court Justices, and explains why Delegates to a convention can NOT be controlled by State laws.
National conventions are dangerous because the Delegates have the plenipotentiary power to impose a new Constitution with a new mode of ratification. The video by Chuck Michaelis at the bottom of THIS page explains these plenipotentiary powers. Such Delegates are the Sovereign Representatives of The People and have the power to impose a new Constitution. This has already happened in our history:
At the Federal Convention of 1787, this plenipotentiary power was exercised to replace our first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, with the Constitution we now have. On February 21, 1787, The Continental Congress called a convention “for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation”. But instead of proposing amendments to our first Constitution, the Delegates wrote a new Constitution – the one we now have.
Furthermore, the new Constitution had a new and easier mode of ratification: Article XIII of The Articles of Confederation (p 8-9) provided that Amendments to the Articles had to be approved by the Continental Congress and all of the then 13 States. But the new Constitution, drafted at the “amendments” convention of 1787, provided at Art. VII thereof that it would be ratified upon approval by only nine of the then existing 13 States.
So! Not only do Delegates to a national convention have this plenipotentiary power to impose a new Constitution; the precedent to do so has already been established.
The Left has been pushing for a convention for 50 years – ever since the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations produced the Constitution for the Newstates of America. They need a convention to get it imposed.
Several other Constitutions are already prepared and waiting for a convention.
If there is a convention, the only issues will be (1) whose Constitution will be imposed by the Delegates; and (2) what new mode of ratification will be set forth in the new Constitution.
The Constitution for the Newstates of America imposes a totalitarian dictatorship. Article XII, § 1 thereof provides for ratification by a Referendum called by the President. The States are dissolved and replaced by regional governments answerable to the new national government.
 George Soros, Marxist law professors all over the Country, Cass Sunstein and Eric Holder want a Marxist Constitution in place by the year 2020.
The “Convention of States” project wants a “re-written” Constitution which legalizes powers the federal government has already usurped, and delegates new powers to the federal government such as total power over children. Yet they are telling conservatives that they want a convention so they can get amendments “to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government”!
Under the planned North American Union, Canada, the United States, and Mexico will surrender their sovereignty to a Parliament set over the three countries. The United States will need a new Constitution to transform us from a sovereign nation to a member state of the North American Union. This is what the Establishment wants. And it is being imposed on us by stealth. Read the Task Force Report of the Council on Foreign Relations HERE. And to see how the European Union is working out for the formerly sovereign nations of Europe, watch this 7.5 minute video by Pat Condell.
In the past, conservatives defeated the periodic pushes for a convention. So the Left changed tactics: Now, they are marketing it to appeal to conservatives: they are telling conservatives that a convention is the only way to rein in the federal government. These leftists, some wearing conservatives’ clothing, are using the classic techniques of the Left: They are not telling the truth; they are smearing their opponents; and they have divided conservatives. Conservatives who fell for the marketing have been induced to attack and exclude conservatives who are warning of the dangers of a convention. And they won’t let us address their groups.
Our existing Constitution really was a 5,000 year miracle. We delegated only a handful of enumerated powers to the federal government – you can see what we delegated HERE. Our Constitution doesn’t need “fixing” – we need to restore the Constitution we already have. We begin the Restoration by reading and learning our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. And enforcing it! See, in this regard, the Tenth Amendment Center’s 2015 State of the Nullification Movement Report.
For the Love of God and Country, heed this warning.
Very truly yours,
Publius Huldah

Via Christian Zionist here

Christian Mercenary-The Survivors Must Decide

For conversation and thought. I have long been concerned about the direction, purpose and outcome of the liberty/patriot movement. We prep, we put up stores, we purchase guns and ammo, we, theoretically, walk our AOs and locate assets, people and articles that might be of use when local, state and federal government agencies inevitably fail, or are unprepared for the next crisis, or are likely complicit in that crisis.

We are still people with lives and families and investments to protect. Here is where I ask the reader to take a step back, to realize that the initial frontiersmen, those who came to America in wooden boats, to people who crossed through the Cumberland Gap, to people who settled out West knew the price of survival . There were no government services for a good period of time, no police, no fire department, no water works, no sewer. They had nothing, but what they brought with them or built on site. And, when these services fail, for whatever reason, it will be up to the true "adults" in this nation to provide for ourselves and yes, for others. It is the Christian thing to do.

So, these will be America's "dark ages," the days of chaos. This is what we all work to survive, this is why we build tribes and make cooperative defense agreements. To survive it, to make it through the difficult times when all sorts of realities long understood and embraced by our forbears become the new normal for us.

Read the rest here

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As Paris and Brussels reel, London’s Met Police say: Hand over your BB guns

UK Shooting News

The Metropolitan Police have launched a two week gun surrender, urging members of the public to hand in lawfully owned ” imitation weapons, BB guns and air weapons”.

There are no restrictions on owning imitation firearms or BB guns, though you must be 18 to buy them. Airguns are subject to some of the controls on firearms, mainly on having a clean criminal record.
Coming on the heels of the EU gun ban proposals, the recent attack on Paris and the seemingly thwarted attack on Brussels, demanding that innocent people hand over lawfully owned toys is a pathetic response.
The Met insists that people handing over firearms (or, indeed, children’s plastic toys, which if coloured black or grey now fall under the classification ‘realistic imitation firearm’) “may not face prosecution for illegal possession and can remain anonymous”, though immediately continues its statement by saying “some weapons [will be] forensically checked for evidence”.
Actual firearms can also be handed in to local police stations during the surrender.
The term ‘surrender’ is used in order to allow police to mount prosecutions against people who hand in firearms or toys. Previously such initiatives were labelled ‘amnesties’, which UK Shooting News understands implied immunity from prosecution.
Detective Superintendent Stephen Clayman of the Trident and Area Crime Command said, in a canned press release: “We are asking Londoners to hand in firearms and imitation weapons to avoid them falling into the wrong hands. In an inappropriate setting, imitation weapons will cause fear and panic, and could lead to a police response involving the deployment of armed police officers, with potentially tragic results.”
UKSN’s standard advice if you have an unwanted firearm or come into possession of one, for example through an elderly relative’s death, is to contact your local gun shop immediately. Registered Firearms Dealers will in most cases be quite happy to help you safely and lawfully dispose of firearms without exposing you to the risk of overzealous police employees trying to make you into their next arrest and conviction statistic.
In 2009 Surrey Police arrested a man who found a shotgun in his garden and took it to his local police station for unlawful possession of a firearm. He was later convicted of the offence, which carries up to 5 years in prison – but escaped with a suspended sentence. Unlawful possession is a strict liability offence, meaning your intentions count for nothing in court.

Musings on a Declining Empire


Black Friday approaches, Turkey threatens to drag the world into World War III, what’s left of American governance continues to slide into moral decay, and the whole shitshow threatens to come apart at the seams. But it’s time for stuff.

There are times when I get in my car in the morning, pop the clutch and trudge down the highway, on my way to a cubicle, 5 by 5, and wonder what the point of everything really is. I don’t live in a civilization that much resembles that of my father, or my grandfather. I hate saying “it was different back then” but in my case, it really was different.

My country is a parody of civilization. Come to Disney. Tour the world in these pathetic little ride carts made in the 70s. It’s a Small World. See the Scandinavian Oil Rigs. Eat some shit thrown together in a food stand by someone claiming to be “international” or something.

Ride past Best Buy and see throngs of people camping out for a good deal on a TV or an iPad. To Hell with spending time with friends and family. Cheap Chinese goods are at stake. They want this crap so bad, they are willing to fight for it, and brave physical harm and arrest in order to obtain it. Worse, groups of people consider it unfair and racist that other groups have more of this junk. Look at him, he has Air Jordans and I have generics. Raaaaacist!

Read the rest @ Declination here

Two From SLL

ISIS Coverup: US Centcom Accused Of Lying To President, Congress, Public About Airstrikes, Ground Fight, by Tyler Durden

From Tyler Durden at
“…there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).”
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it as many times as it takes for the naive, largely aloof American public to catch on: the quote excerpted above is the smoking gun when it comes to Washington’s ISIS “strategy.”
Note that no tin foil hats or conspiracy theories are needed. The passage shown above is from a 2012 declassified Pentagon report on the situation in Syria (you can read it in full here).

Read the rest  at SLL here

They Said That? 11/23/15

Here is the correct response to safe spaces, speech codes, microaggressions and all the other horseshit plaguing college campuses these days. From the University of Chicago, a statement on free expression:
It is not the proper role of the University to attempt to shield individuals from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, disagreeable, or even deeply offensive.
…the university’s fundamental commitment is to the principle that debate or deliberation may not be suppressed because the ideas put forth are thought by some or even by most members of the community to be offensive, unwise, immoral, or wrong-headed. It is for the individual members of the university community, not for the university as an institution, to make those judgments for themselves, and to act on those judgments not be seeking to suppress speech, but by openly and vigorously contesting the ideas that they oppose.

Read the rest @ SLL here

Make an Emergency Key in 5 Easy Steps


Chicago policeman faces murder charges in shooting of black teen

Via NC Renegade

The white Chicago police officer who shot a black teenager in an incident caught on video is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and appear in a bond hearing on Tuesday, city newspapers reported, citing unnamed sources.
Community leaders who met with Mayor Rahm Emanuel said they expected protests on Wednesday, when the city plans to release the video of the October 2014 fatal shooting. It shows Laquan McDonald, 17, being shot 16 times by police officer Jason Van Dyke, who is on administrative duty while state and federal prosecutors investigate.
The Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times both reported the murder charges are expected to be filed on Tuesday against Van Dyke. Citing unnamed sources, the papers said Van Dyke would turn himself in on Tuesday morning and be processed, fingerprinted and charged before his bond hearing at noon CST (1800 GMT).
Emanuel called in community leaders and pastors for meetings on Monday aimed at preparing for public reaction to the video. The footage from a patrol car dashboard camera is being released as a result of a judicial order stemming from a lawsuit brought by a freelance journalist.

Islamic State Plans Suicide Aircraft Strikes in Iraq

Via NC Renegade

 A captured Syrian Su-22 jet / Iraqi News

Islamic State terrorists are seeking experts to repair captured military aircraft for future use in suicide attacks against U.S. and allied forces in Iraq.
The terrorist group that occupies large areas of Iraq and Syria has two Russian-made Sukhoi aircraft and three Russian helicopters that it plans to use in the attacks, according to a recent report in a London-based Arabic language news outlet.
The Oct. 22 report in Al Arabi Al Jadid quoted a high-ranking officer in Baghdad assigned to the command of the international military coalition in Iraq as saying the aircraft were obtained during Islamic State military operations in Syria and Iraq.

Everything's Fine Until the Bombs Go Off

Everything's Fine Until the Bombs Go Off

Monday, November 23, 2015

Two From Sarah Hoyt

Population Bomber

 obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, population, bomb, terror, melting pot

Hope n' Change believes that the current fervor about vetting refugees to avoid terrorist infiltration is dangerously shortsighted. We're being distracted from a real and much greater danger - an actual bomb capable of incalculable damage and an actual bomber already working to deploy it.

To put this statement in context, we must begin by conceding that terrorism is a real and terrible threat worldwide. But the kinds of attacks mounted in Paris and Mali, while horrorific, do not and can not amount to an existential threat for our country. In a purely clinical sense, we lose more people to automobile accidents than terror and life goes on.

That isn't to say that it isn't critically important to fight terror as vigorously as possible. Nor should we allow any refugees into our heartland without thorough vetting.

But the real threat which can destroy this nation is a population bomb - and unsurprisingly, Barack Hussein Obama is the bomber. His goal is to destroy the culture and values of the United States from within by flooding our country with immigrants who are unlikely to assimilate.

Millions of them, if Obama has his way, by the end of his second term.

It has always been this president's clear goal to sponge the alleged stain of America and American ideals from history and the map. To redress the colonialist evils he believes we've visited on the world. To assure, in the words of his spiritual mentor, that our "chickens come home to roost."

That means bringing the United States down both as a superpower and as an economic and moral force in the world. And Barack Obama has already taken us terrifyingly far down that road with a multi-pronged attack on the cohesion of the American people.

Like other western countries, the United States is seeing dramatic demographic shifts as populations age and birth rates among the most educated segments of the population decline. The liberal culture mocks traditional marriage and parenthood, infantilizes young men and women, idealizes minimum wage jobs with little chance of advancement, and aggressively promotes abortion as a "choice" to allow a selfish "me" generation to avoid the responsibility of raising a child.

Not so with the immigrant populations, legal and illegal, who enthusiastically "go forth and multiply," changing our demographics, language, beliefs, and culture.

Does this make the immigrants bad? Absolutely not. It's human nature to try to move from a bad situation to a better one. But neither are drowning people "bad" if they attempt to overload a lifeboat and, in the process, cause it to sink. When the immigration process is uncontrolled and assimilation becomes a discarded virtue, we're all in that sinking lifeboat - and Barack Obama knows it.

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News Of The Future: Ted Cruz Sworn In...



Sunday, November 22, 2015

Scientists Have Discovered Bacteria That Are Resistant to All Antibiotics


The world is facing a possible post-antibiotic era, according to scientists who have discovered bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics — including a last-resort drug. (Getty Images)
The new findings were published in the journal the Lancet Infectious Diseases. During a routine surveillance of antibiotic resistance in China, scientists discovered that a new bacterial genetic resistance mechanism called MCR-1 prevents the drug colistin from killing bacteria. (Colistin is often seen as a “last-resort” antibiotic when others aren’t effective.)
Researchers discovered that one-fifth of the animals they tested and 16 humans carried MCR-1, as well as 15 percent of raw meat samples.
“The emergence of MCR-1 heralds the breach of the last group of antibiotics,” researchers wrote in the paper.
While the findings are scary, they aren’t shocking, infectious disease specialist Amesh A. Adalja, MD, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, tells Yahoo Health. 
“Antibiotic resistance is a steady march that’s been going on for a long time,” he says. However, he says, bacteria are always going to become resistant to our antibiotics — it’s just what they do.
Antibiotic resistance is a blanket term that means a type of bacteria is resistant to a particular type of drugs. “It can mean being resistant to one, three, or all forms of antibiotics,” explains Adalja.
William Schaffner, MD, an infectious disease specialist and professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, explains the problem to Yahoo Health this way: There are many millions of bacteria out there and they multiply rapidly. As they multiply, some genetic mutations occur that make them resistant to the antibiotic in use. The antibiotic will kill off all the susceptible bacteria, but will leave behind the resistant ones. They will grow and can spread to other people, becoming dominant. That increases the odds another person will become infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The news about MCR-1 is particularly worrisome, because it breaches our last line of defense: When doctors can’t kill bacteria with major forms of antibiotics like penicillin and tetracycline, they might turn to colistin.
“When we see a hint that colistin-resistant bacteria are out there, it becomes alarming because we don’t have very many new drugs,” says Adalja.
Colistin is often seen as a backup, he explains, because it can have serious side effects such as kidney or nerve damage. “Even though we don’t like to use colistin, it’s good to know that it’s there,” Adalja says.
While some antibiotic resistance is inevitable, Schaffner says we can do something about it. On an individual level, he urges people to use antibiotics only when they’re needed, and only for the amount of time that they’re prescribed. “Patients need to be aware that colds are viral infections and will not be benefited by antibiotics,” he says.
Antibiotic use in the raising of livestock is also contributing to the problem, Schaffner says. While many companies are phasing out this practice due to consumer demand, you can do your part by only purchasing meat that is labeled “antibiotic free” or “raised without antibiotics."
MCR-1 has currently been found only in China, but some researchers say it’s just a matter of time before it spreads. “Although currently confined to China, MCR-1 is likely to emulate other global resistance mechanisms,” the Lancet study claims. “Our findings emphasize the urgent need for coordinated global action.”

Friday, November 20, 2015

ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIER’S Riveting Case Against Bringing Syrian Refugees To U.S. Goes Viral

I don’t typically go on rants or express my political beliefs, but I just have to get this off my mind.
As some of you know, I’m active duty Army. Aside from that, I am a medic.
I’ve spent 3 years of my life overseas in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve seen some pretty atrocious sites caused by war, from both sides.
I’ve picked up blown up body parts of friends and I’ve saved the lives of guys who were trying to kill me and my guys right before I was keeping them from their 72 virgins or whatever they believe awaits them on the other side.
Here is an unbiased truthful view to the Syrian refugee situation.
My first deployment to Iraq, in 2006, my unit voluntarily ran a children’s burn clinic outside of the FOB.
It was a constant target for attacks. You would think that people wouldn’t shoot mortars or rockets at their own children, but you would be wrong.
We saw hundreds of children, from infants to 18 year olds.
The overwhelming majority of the kids we saw (90% or better) were clear cases of abuse.
These parents were literally dunking their kids in boiling water, or throwing hot chai at their kids faces… Yes, we’re talking about babies, toddlers, kids not even old enough to understand why their parents would do these things to them.
HUNDREDS of kids… We saw quite a few of these kids that were sexually abused, both girls and boys.
Their parents acted if nothing was wrong with this, even when confronted by our doctors.
This is the mentality of their society, not the viewpoint of a few individuals… these beliefs have been accepted to the vast majority of these people.
Many were educated, well dressed, well spoken men, but yet, they still raped their own children, and kept chai boys (if you don’t know what that means, google it.)
During that deployment, we also captured the 3rd largest EFP cache that had ever been captured.
There were hundreds of copper plates, homemade explosives, fake curbs to house the EFP’s, hundreds of mortars and rockets and howitzer rounds, even an anti-aircraft gun.
All of these things came from one place, Syria. Almost every single IED or EFP we found or hit could be traced back to Syria… A lot of the terrorists we captured were from SYRIA… Imagine that.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Facts about Women in the Shooting Sports

Did you know that women are acquiring concealed carry permits in record numbers or that women spend more money on guns and gear than men do on gadgets? You can learn about those facts and more things relating to women in the shooting sports in the infographic below. We teamed up with the National Rifle Association to put all of this info together.

 Women_in_ShootingSports (3)

Gun Owners of America Challenging Federal Machine Gun Ban

On November 2, Gun Owners of America (and its foundation) joined forces with Dick Heller -- the very one who beat DC’s gun ban before the Supreme Court in 2008.
Working in tandem, Gun Owners filed a brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in support of a challenge to the federal machine gun ban, which was stuck on at the last minute to an otherwise pro-gun bill in 1986.
First and foremost, Gun Owners argues that the “arms” protected by the Second Amendment include fully automatic weapons, and that Supreme Court opinions have bolstered this view. 
Our brief explains that the Second Amendment is not about hunting or target shooting, but about the preservation of liberty.
Go here to read GOA's brief in Hollis v. Lynch.
Go here to help financially support the GOA brief in this case.
Since its founding, Gun Owners of America has built its reputation as the “no compromise” gun lobby.
We want to repeal any restriction that violates the “shall not be infringed” language of the Second Amendment -- going all the way back to 1934.
So GOA is not only working on the above machine gun case. We also want to file another brief supporting this same proposition -- that a machine gun ban is inconsistent with the protections afforded in the Bill of Rights.

Via GOA here

Exposing the well funded & manufactured campaign of blame on the ‘Exxon knew climate change would be dangerous’ fiasco

New Disclosures Help Pull Back Curtain on Who’s Funding Manufactured Climate Investigation
by Steve Everley , Dallas, Tex.
A letter reportedly being circulated among a handful of Democrats this week in the U.S. House of Representatives, calling for an investigation into energy companies’ opinions on climate change, references news reports that the letter’s authors characterize as independent journalism. But according to online records, the reports were actually financed by large foundations that oppose oil and natural gas development.
Fewer than two dozen Democratic members of the U.S. House have signed on to a letter circulated by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), which cites “investigations by the Los Angeles Times and InsideClimate News” that accused at least one U.S. oil and natural gas company of “financing efforts to amplify doubt about the state of climate science.” Congressman Lieu’s office says it will send the letter “in a few weeks,” which means it wouldn’t be delivered until after the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris.
Contrary to the letter’s suggestion, the LA Times merely published the investigations that were cited. They were not authored by reporters from the LA Times, but rather by a group of researchers affiliated with the Energy and Environment Reporting Fellowship at the Columbia School of Journalism, which was disclosed at the end of the two reports.
But what was not revealed in the pages of the LA Times is who provided funding for the reports. According to the Fellowship’s website, the program receives funding from a number of anti-fossil fuel foundations:
“The program is supported by the Energy Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, Lorana Sullivan Foundation and the Tellus Mater Foundation.” (emphasis added)
As well-documented in a 2014 oversight report from the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) actively backs campaigns to ban oil and natural gas development, including major financing for the activist group, which environmental activist Bill McKibben co-founded. RBF’s support for and its anti-fossil fuel campaigns is significant, as McKibben himself called RBF a “great ally.”
According to RBF’s website, the Fund supports efforts to “reduce reliance on carbon-intensive energy sources.”

Read the rest  Here

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To Hell With Intellectual Cowards

 Via Dystopic @ Declination

Here is what will happen in regards to the France attacks.

People will shed their crocodile tears. They will chant and light candles. There will be photo ops, and news coverage. The Facebook pictures change, and sympathetic memes will flood the Internet. Everybody will go home feeling like they have stood in solidarity, done some great thing, expended moral courage and spoken truth to power.

They speak lies to the weak, and a week from now they will forget, until summoned for the candle light vigils of another tragedy. They will run for breast cancer, they will stand against terror, they will march against racism — all things that do nothing for the causes in question. Today saying “I supported X” is considered the moral equivalent of a getting your GED.

Feeling morally upright is preferred over *being* morally upright. They are no different than cowards who agitate for war, but refuse to fight, and lay down their arms (indeed, if they even had any in the first place) when the terrorist comes for them.

Neat little rows of skulls for murderous thugs. Good little submissive Dhimmis, bowing to their Jihadi superiors. Those who cannot summon the courage to fight, even when death is assured, are beyond the pale. They are the uber-cowards, the summation of decades of coddling and helicopter parenting.

Read the rest @ Declination Here

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Forget Guns: The Real Weapon of Government Tyranny

US-POLITICS-CPACAs talk of serious gun control dominates our politics and media, many people are warning of an assault on our Second Amendment and the threat of government tyranny if we civilians are disarmed. Tragically, government tyranny is not a future nightmare; government tyranny is a reality here and now. And in the 21st century, the tyrants don’t care if we have guns or not. The weapons they’re using to tyrannize us don’t have a chamber or a barrel – the real weapons of tyranny do not involve guns and cannot be halted by guns. Rather, the real weapons of tyranny slowly bankrupt us and threaten our future and security. And there’s only one true “protector” that rises to our defense.

Read the rest here

Man Who Equates Gun Rights With Motorcycle Ownership Gets White House Invite

On October 3, Mark Carman posted a YouTube video in which he equated gun rights with motorcycle ownership–arguing that the licensing requirement for the latter provides some standard to guide licensing requirements for the former–and the White House responded by inviting him to come visit on November 16 and 17.

While there Carman is scheduled “to meet one-on-one with Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama,” and to address Congress in a bid to secure more gun control.
According to PRWeb, Carman refers to himself as “just a guy” who owns guns but believes the actions of criminals justify expanding gun control to cover the law-abiding as well. This expansion entails requiring all would-be gun owners in every setting–retail or private–to pass the same background check that was passed by Gabby Giffords’ attacker and the Umpqua Community College attacker when they acquired their guns.
Carman admits that the shootings that get so much attention are not being committed by law-abiding citizens, then he calls for more gun control for law-abiding citizens.

Mark Kelly: Shooting Where Gunmen Passed Background Checks Shows Need for Background Checks

During the November 11 airing of The National Lead hosted by Jake Tapper, gun control proponent Mark Kelly used the example of a man who acquired his guns “legally,” then misused them, to argue that background checks need to be expanded to cover more gun sales.

The man in his example was Noah Harpham, the October 31 Colorado Springs gunman.
Think about it–when law enforcement says someone acquired their guns “legally” they are saying that person passed a background check for his or her weapons. For example, law enforcement officials confirmed that Umpqua Community College gunman Chris Harper Mercer got all his guns “legally,” and that meant background checks were passed to acquire them.
The ATF said Virginia gunman Vester Lee Flanagan got his gun “legally,” and that meant he passed a background check for it.They said the same thing about alleged Lafayette theater gunman John Russell Houser, and guess what? Turns out Houser bought his gun via a background check at a pawn shop in Alabama in 2104.
The list of public attackers who acquired their guns “legally”–i.e., via background checks–goes on and on and on. And when Kelly seizes on an example like Harpham, he is suggesting that people who pass background checks then commit crimes are a good example of why gun purchasers should have to pass background checks before purchasing guns.
Does it make sense? No. But Kelly is not trying to be logical. Rather, he is trying to be successful at securing the passage of more gun control on law-abiding citizens.
Breitbart News previously reported that Kelly’s wife, Gabby Giffords, does the same thing when she pushes for more background checks as a way to keep Americans safe. After all, Jared Loughner–the gunman who wounded Giffords in 2011–passed a background check for the gun he used to attack her.
Background checks do not keep us safe from public attacks, and they cannot keep us safe from such attackers. Our safety is our liberty, and that liberty is expressed in the freedom to acquire the guns we need for self-defense without simultaneously being required to pass the same background check Mercer, Flanagan, Houser, Harpham, and Loughner passed to purchase their guns.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

3 Children Injured After Police Threw a Flashbang Grenade at them During Search for Drugs


Santa Fe, NM — A family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit this week after a raid on their home left their children, ages 9, 10, and 12, injured and traumatized.
In May of 2013, multiple FBI agents descended upon the home of Abel Romero Sr., who was suspected of being a “street level drug dealer.”
Instead of knocking, or checking to ensure that there were no children in the home, officers carelessly threw a flashbang grenade into the home. The grenade blew apart the family’s living room door, shattered windows, and hit the 10-year-old boy, who was sleeping on the sofa, with shrapnel.
The explosion occurred with such force that it tore holes in the interior and exterior walls of the family’s trailer, according to the lawsuit.

“Screaming and crying, [the boy] was bleeding profusely, was in terrible pain, feared for his life, and was emotionally traumatized by the explosion,” the complaint says.

After they were also terrorized and traumatized by blast, the 9 and 12-year-old were ordered to leave the trailer by the agents and were injured as they walked barefoot through the broken glass, according to the suit.
FBI agents failed to mention in their application for a no-knock warrant that children lived in the home, and that grenades were to be used, the complaint says.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

“The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay” by John W. Whitehead

Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” ― Theodore Roosevelt
America’s next president will inherit more than a bitterly divided nation teetering on the brink of financial catastrophe when he or she assumes office. He will also inherit a shadow government, one that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country.
To be precise, however, the future president will actually inherit not one but two shadow governments.
The first shadow government, referred to as COG or continuity of government, is made up of unelected individuals who have been appointed to run the government in the event of a “catastrophe.”
The second shadow government, referred to as the Deep State, is comprised of unelected government bureaucrats, corporations, contractors, paper-pushers, and button-pushers who are actually calling the shots behind the scenes right now.
The first shadow government, COG, is a phantom menace waiting for the right circumstances—a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, an economic meltdown—to bring it out of the shadows, where it operates even now. When and if COG takes over, the police state will transition to martial law.
Battlefield_Cover_300Yet as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, it is the second shadow government, the Deep State, which poses the greater threat to our freedoms. This permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and beyond the reach of the law.
This is the hidden face of the police state.
These two shadow governments, which make a mockery of representative government and the “reassurance ritual” of voting, have been a long time in the making. Yet they have been so shrouded in secrecy, well hidden from the eyes and ears of the American people, that they exist and function in contravention to the principles of democratic government.
As the following makes clear, these shadow governments, which operate beyond the reach of the Constitution and with no real accountability to the citizenry, are the reason why “we the people” have no control over our government.
The COG shadow government plan was devised during the Cold War as a means of ensuring that a nuclear strike didn’t paralyze the federal government.
COG initially called for three teams consisting of a cabinet member, an executive chief of staff and military and intelligence officials to practice evacuating and directing a counter nuclear strike against the Soviet Union from a variety of high-tech, mobile command vehicles. If the president and vice president were both killed, one of these teams would take control, with the ranking cabinet official serving as president.
This all changed after the attacks of September 11, 2001, when it became clear that there would be no warning against a terrorist attack. Instead of waiting until an attack occurred to mobilize part-time bureaucrats and activate evacuation schemes, George W. Bush opted to change COG and establish a full-time, permanent shadow government, stationed outside the capital, run by permanently appointed (not elected) executive officials.
COG has since taken on a power—and a budget—of its own.
Incredibly, under the Obama administration, the plans for the shadow government have expanded and grown far more elaborate and costly than many realize. It is what investigative journalist William M. Arkin refers to as “the latest manifestation of an obsession with government survival.”

Read the rest @ Battlefield America-A Government of Wolves  Here  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Maryland spent millions on gun database that solved no crimes. – Baltimore Sun

Maryland spent millions on gun database that solved no crimes. – Baltimore Sun

November 8, 2015
Maryland imposed an unworkable law that burdened all handgun owners in the state for years.  The politicians promised a system to link an expended shell casing to the gun that fired it.  The system never worked even after 16 years of upgrades, tests and trials.  The broken cartridge case identification system was finally scrapped.  The political forces that forced this failed system onto the citizens of Maryland still hold sway in Annapolis.

Five million dollars later, Maryland has officially decided that its 15-year effort to store and catalog the “fingerprints” of thousands of handguns was a failure.

Source: Maryland spent millions on gun database that solved no crimes. – Baltimore Sun

Exclusive: The Lost Shepherd

David Codrea via Guns magazine-

“Jesus wouldn’t join the NRA,” filmmaker and philanthropist Abigail E. Disney insisted in a Reuters “editorial” that really amounted to free advertising for her directorial debut. The Armor of Light follows a crisis of conscience for Evangelical minister Rev. Rob Schenck as he struggles with the question of whether it’s possible to be pro-life and pro-gun, a false assumption from the outset. Schenck is joined on camera by a mother questioning “stand your ground” laws following the shooting death of her son. With just that information, it’s not unfair to assume the film is anti-gun. Approving reviews by politically-supportive film critics don’t dispel that expectation.

It’s also not unfair to assume Reuters has an agenda, and one that’s being pushed with a theme. Simultaneously appearing on their “Analysis & Opinions” web page, along with the Disney piece, was a bit of wishful thinking by George Mason University professor of public and international affairs, Bill Schneider.

“Public opinion on guns seems to be going in the same direction as it did on same-sex marriage,” Schneider wrote. “The religious right lost the fight against same-sex marriage. The gun lobby may lose the fight to stop reasonable gun-control laws.”

On the one hand, there’s a secular “progressive” presumption that Jesus is squarely in their camp. On the other, the “religious right” is presumed irrelevant. As for Mason, he warned “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” What he would have thought of an anti-gun academic stumping for disarmament under the banner of his namesake university is probably not debatable.

But back to Abigail. Yes, it’s that Disney. She’s the granddaughter of Roy, Walt’s brother and co-founder of an empire. As a beneficiary of a staggering fortune, she’s following in the footsteps of heirs looking for significance by patronizing “progressive” causes to make a mark on the world of their own. And she’s found what may be her optimal collaborator, albeit one that many religious conservatives may find surprising: Rev. Schenck, heretofore associated with the “political right.”

“First, it’s important to know I am the principal subject of Ms. Disney’s film,” Schenck tells readers in a column he penned for The Huffington Post, a curious forum for hosting an evangelist. Suddenly, an activist, who has defied injunctions as part of his anti-abortion commitment, is finding himself the toast of the left, writing a guest column for a site that, before he became useful to them, was dismissing his defenses of traditional marriage and of rights of the unborn to life, as “below-the-belt broadsides.”

“She is an unabashed left-leaning, pro-choice, Planned Parenthood-supporting feminist,” Schenck admits of Disney. That may be the reason he wished to engage with and attempt to convert her. But despite his transformation into an anti-gun propaganda tool, aside from superficial appearance gestures, his new “friend,” hasn’t actually budged an inch. All the conversion has been on his part.

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"A Thin-Skinned Minority Is Ruining This Nation": Professor Crushes "Political Correctness" Wave Sweeping America

In a time where college students are offended by pretty much everything, The Federalist Papers reports that one professor at UNC-Wilmington decided to cut through the rhetoric and let his students know that they aren’t the special snowflakes liberals and their parents would have them believe.

His epic class introduction has gone viral, and for good reason: this is the most common sense lecture to come out of any college in a long time.

Welcome back to class, students! I am Mike Adams your criminology professor here at UNC-Wilmington. Before we get started with the course I need to address an issue that is causing problems here at UNCW and in higher education all across the country. I am talking about the growing minority of students who believe they have a right to be free from being offended. If we don’t reverse this dangerous trend in our society there will soon be a majority of young people who will need to walk around in plastic bubble suits to protect them in the event that they come into contact with a dissenting viewpoint. That mentality is unworthy of an American. It’s hardly worthy of a Frenchman.

Let’s get something straight right now. You have no right to be unoffended. You have a right to be offended with regularity. It is the price you pay for living in a free society. If you don’t understand that you are confused and dangerously so. In part, I blame your high school teachers for failing to teach you basic civics before you got your diploma. Most of you went to the public high schools, which are a disaster. Don’t tell me that offended you. I went to a public high school.

Of course, your high school might not be the problem. It is entirely possible that the main reason why so many of you are confused about free speech is that piece of paper hanging on the wall right over there. Please turn your attention to that ridiculous document that is framed and hanging by the door. In fact, take a few minutes to read it before you leave class today. It is our campus speech code. It specifically says that there is a requirement that everyone must only engage in discourse that is “respectful.” That assertion is as ludicrous as it is illegal. I plan to have that thing ripped down from every classroom on campus before I retire.

Read the rest @ Zero Hedge

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Grandmas Take to the Streets in Germany in Protest

Via NC Renegade

As Germany ignites into the first stages of civil war over the influx of Muslim terrorists, even grandmothers have taken to the street in protest. England is next. At what point will the United States come to grips with the reality that the political elite have sold out the country? I doubt that we will have long to wait.
David DeGerolamo


The anti-mass migration Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party held a rally in the German capital Berlin this afternoon, demanding the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel and calling for the country to adopt a strong policy on immigration.
The AfD has seen its popularity surge as Germany struggles to deal with the huge influx of migrants, and is currently campaigning in local elections in the Saxony-Anhalt region that will be seen as an indicator of public sentiment on the issue.
German paper Handelsblatt estimates that 5,000 people joined the rally this afternoon, calling for the immediate closure of Germany’s borders and introduction of Visa requirements from migrants from the Balkan states, including Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Sharing firearms for informal target shooting: Another legitimate activity outlawed by Everytown’s ‘universal background checks’

Here are two things that a person might do with a firearm: 1. Sell the firearm to a complete stranger in a parking lot. 2. Share the firearm with a friend, while target shooting on one’s own property. Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” lobby is promoting “universal background checks” as a means of addressing activity No. 1. But the Bloomberg laws also outlaw activity No. 2. In a previous post, I detailed how the unusual Bloomberg laws about “background checks” for “private sales” constrict safety training and self-defense; and also obstruct safe storage. This post addresses another non-sales activity, firearms sharing.
 We know from Heller that “to bear arms implies something more than the mere keeping; it implies the learning to handle and use them in a way that makes those who keep them ready for their efficient use; … it implies the right to meet for voluntary discipline in arms, observing in doing so the laws of public order.” D.C. v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570, 617-18 (2008); see also United States v. Emerson, 270 F.3d 203, 236 (5th Cir. 2001) (both cases quoting Thomas Cooley’s 19th-century constitutional law treatise). Thus, “the right to possess firearms for protection implies a corresponding right to … maintain proficiency in their use; the core right wouldn’t mean much without the training and practice that make it effective.” Ezell v. City of Chicago, 651 F.3d 684, 704 (7th Cir. 2011). Just as the First Amendment includes the right to learn how to read and to practice reading skills, the Second Amendment includes the right to learn how to use arms and to practice. This includes formal classroom instruction and practice at established ranges. But the right is not limited only to those structured settings; as historically practiced in the United States, the right also includes instruction from, and practice with, friends and family in informal settings in private locations.
Even if there were no Second Amendment, any sensible firearms policy would encourage firearms practice and training to build and improve safe proficiency. Yet the Bloomberg system does the opposite.
One very common activity of gun owners is sharing their firearms on their own property. A person who owns 30 acres might have a small target range set up. He invites friends over for the afternoon, shoots at targets with rifles or handguns, and lets the friends use the family’s guns. Or a farm family might have a skeet or trap thrower, which flings clay disks into the air. Informal shooting events like this are at the heart of the American gun culture. They promote friendship, community and practice in the safe handling of firearms.

Read the rest @ The Volokh Conspiracy here

Dem Gun Ban Would Require Confiscation, Ban Most Pistols

A Democratic-proposed gun ban would prohibit some of the most highly-rated hunting rifles and shotguns, ban most pistols, and require Wisconsin residents who owned so-called “semiautomatic assault weapons” to turn their guns in to the government. State Rep. Lisa Subeck and three other Democratic state lawmakers are proposing a sweeping ban on rifles, shotguns and pistols they deem dangerous because they are “designed to kill large numbers of people quickly.”
Legislative attorneys – known as Legislative Counsel – confirmed to state Rep. Dave Craig (R) that the loosely written ban does not contain a grandfather clause, meaning owners of prohibited weapons would need to turn them in or face felony charges for possessing an illegal weapon. “Continued possession of a firearm defined as an assault weapon would generally be illegal under the bill draft beginning the day after the date of publication of the enacted bill,” legislative attorney Larry A. Konopacki explained.
But Konopacki wasn’t the first to spot the troublesome lack of a grandfather clause. State Rep. Adam Jarchow (R), an attorney, also noticed that there was no exception for those who currently own a weapon that the legislation seeks to ban. Jarchow told Media Trackers on Thursday morning that, “on first reading there appears to be no grandfather clause.”
That’s a big problem for gun owners in Wisconsin because the way the draft legislation defines “semiautomatic assault rifle” (a term that’s somewhat redundant), dozens of different gun types would be banned. State Rep. Cody Horlacher (R), also an attorney, reviewed the proposal and told Media Trackers the definition of a banned rifle “is so broad, anything could fall into” it.
Research by state Rep. Dave Craig (R) found that the proposal would outlaw three of the top five rifles recommended by the hunting resource website for shooting hogs. That matters because the Wisconsin DNR has declared feral hogs to be “exotic, non-native wild animals that pose significant threats to both the environment and to agricultural operations.” The DNR has asked hunters to aggressively hunt the hogs to protect the environment.
“It is unfortunate that my Democratic colleagues, in their haste to trample Wisconsinites’ 2nd Amendment rights by making law abiding Wisconsinites felons simply for keeping their current firearms, also failed to realize the negative environmental and agricultural consequences of their dangerous proposal,” Craig said of the legislation.
When it comes to shotguns, the proposed ban would make it illegal for a Wisconsin hunter to own some of the most highly rated Turkey hunting shotguns. In fact, four of Game & Fish Magazine’s top ten shotguns for Turkey hunting would be specifically banned.
Most semiautomatic pistols also appear to be off-limits if the proposal ever becomes law – a nearly impossible prospect at this point with the legislature controlled by Republicans. A loosely worded prohibition on pistols with, “a shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles, the barrel, and that permits the user to hold the firearm with the nontrigger hand without being burned” would make iconic handguns like the 1911, or popular pistols like the entire Glock product line, illegal. Perhaps the only semiautomatic pistol that would be legal would be the Luger, a German World War II relic.
“Even though a semiautomatic pistol slide is not designed for the purpose of being held by the nontrigger hand, particularly while the firearm is being fired, it could be argued that a slide still meets the criteria for inclusion under this provision,” Konopacki wrote in his letter to Rep. Craig. “Arguments could be made both ways here, and it is impossible to predict with certainty how a court construing this phrase would do so.”
Rep. Horlacher shared that assessment.
Because a majority of the semiautomatic pistols sold today could fall under the ban, Wisconsin pistol owners would likely be required to turn over tens of thousands of handguns to the state under this provision.
While the proposal is dead on arrival in this Republican legislature, it does reveal what some of the leading lawmakers in the Democratic caucus would do if their party had a legislative majority.