Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Attn: Former Chronic Pain Patients of Dr. Jerome Yokiel/Centers for Comprehensive Pain Care in Beachwood Ohio

I was one of Dr. Yokiel’s chronic pain patients,who was forced to undergo opiate withdrawls after being on the meds for 11 1/2 years.
I am trying to get a class action lawsuit going,and need some more former patients willing to be part of the suit.
I received,and saw a lot of others receive horrible care from Cleveland Clinic hospitals and Cleveland Clinic pain mgt programs. I was told I didn’t need any pain meds of any kind by the asshole at Euclid hospital pain mgt. Despite a record of serious injuries dating to 1978,over 60 ortho surgeries,and more broken bones than 90% of the population-(according to a few Dr’s and radiologists)
This is way beyond unethical,and violates every known medical standard for weaning a patient off of opiates.
Let’s sue the sonsofbitches who did this,including Dr Yokiel,Clevleand Clinic,the Ohio State Medical Board,and if I’m right about why Dr. Yokiel was shut down-the DEA.
This was done to chronic pain patients by our NE Ohio medical community,and state and likely fed agencies.
Our government and their fake ass “fighting  the opioid epidemic” did this to us.
This was not right,and should never happen to anyone who is a chronic pain patient again.
If a Dr decides that a chronic pain patient doesn’t need to be on pain meds-there is an established process for weaning people off of opiate pain meds-
and it sure as hell ain’t the Cleveland Clinic’s f*ck you-no one dies from opiate withdrawls.
If you’re a freakin heroin addict-they’ll admit you and wean you off opiates,and put you in a treatment program-if you’re a chronic pain patient…
The DEA is more interested in shutting down legit pain mgt docs who they feel write too many scripts than they are shutting down heroin and fentanyl dealers.
Think about that for a minute.
Lets sue these sonsabitches so they don’t keep doing this to chronic pain patients.
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  1. I agree with you completely! My mother is 61 years old with chronic pain & was a patient of Dr. Yokiel's for 11 years. She had no idea that the office had closed until Nov. 17 when she called the office for her monthly refill. The recording said to contact some doctor ,Cleveland Clinic or U.H. She called the doctor & there was no answer so she left a message. That Dr. office has not returned her call. The problem now is other doctors will not see her until they have her medical records. On top of all that it's the holidays! I will have my mother contact you as soon as she is well enough. She actually said that this is the first time in her entire life that she wants to sue someone for doing this to her.

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  3. Sheri Clark
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  4. It's late February and you haven't posted anything since this.

    What up dude?
    You busy , disgusted or both?

    1. Both-however some progress has been made.
      Update will be posted by tomorrow. Here and at

  5. How can I get ahold of you? Has anyone found another doctor that is seeing patients without records?

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  7. I also was a patient of Dr Jerome Yokiel and like all of you I was involved in a mva in 2001 and lost my pain management Dr no explanation, I went to see the most arroigant bastard Dr Charles Barrett, who didnt have all my injuries n accussed me of not needing my meds also. I would love to help in any way. I am a amputee with 58 injuries from mva. Horrible

    1. I saw Dr. Barrett too and you’re right a complete arrogant asshole who never ever ever should’ve gone in to a profession that requires compassion and patience

    2. I saw Dr. Barrett too and you’re right a complete arrogant asshole who never ever ever should’ve gone in to a profession that requires compassion and patience

  8. I too am a pretty former mad patient of Dr Yokiel ! I am also a patient of 12 yrs of being prescribed 2 separate opioids that when I called to get my prescriptions refilled the office was closed and we were rerouted to go elsewhere. By then it took time to get in to see a new Dr and then you got to wait to see if they’ll except you . So yes I had terrible withdrawals. At first my family and I thought I was sick we did not think anything of it . None of us have ever had experienced withdrawals. Then I went to my family Dr and she nailed it . That was the most worse feeling in the world . I understand nobody’s perfect but when it involves other peoples lives and families that draws the line. I want to be part of the class action law suit also !! I deserve to know exactly what Dr Yokiel left his practice and all his patience in such a hurry !

    Sheri Clark

    1. I had 3 lawyers drop the case.
      No one else I've found is willing to sue as class action.
      Have you read this...


  9. This is a pain management patients worst nightmare . And unfortunately all Pain Management doctors are not on the same page when it comes to medications and they need to put aside their views on on pain medications and if that’s what a patient has been on and you’re a new patient they need to keep you on that. This is even scarier for me because for 10 years my mother was a patient of Dr. Mark Allen’s and after his little slip up or whatever and he got suspended that is who they referred my mom to . All of the comments that I have read who were patient of Dr. Allen’s all said the same thing he truly had their best interest in keeping them comfortable at heart. And my mom passed away last year and I strongly believe that if she had been Dr. Alan’s patient still she might still be here. I think some of these pain management doctors know that they have a power they have the power to write a prescription or not and unfortunately there’s too many of them who just want to disregard certain patients. And in my opinion Dr. Alan was honest with his mistake it didn’t happen again yeah they still suspended his license So unfair.