Friday, May 20, 2016

The AgingRebel’s Book on the Waco Twin Peaks Ambush is Out

Rebel’s post on the book here
Since day one,The Aging Rebel is the only site that has dug and searched for the truth and reported nothing but the truth on the whole Waco clusterfuck.
The man spent a hell of a lot of time researching the ambush and murder of 9 bikers at Twin Peaks bar/restaurant.agencies who took part in the ambush.
Some were murdered by other bikers,most were murdered by the assorted local,state a fed
I’ve read all of his posts on the matter,and posted links to many of them.
We all know both the cops and the media lie for a living-Rebel doesn’t-he writes about the facts of what took place that day,and the steaming pile of bovine excrement spewed by the local walking talking piles of said excrement  in the Waco pd-(Sgt Swanton)- and prosecutors office-(Abelino Reyna)- who wove a web of lies and deceit that Rebel unraveled.

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