Friday, May 5, 2017

Gander Mountain Going Out of Business-Liquidation Sale at All 126 Stores

Total Liquidation SavingsTotal Liquidation Savings


  1. I thought maybe they were like Cabellas and all over the place but no.
    The nearest one to me is four states away.
    Probably why I hadn't ever heard of them up until a few months ago.

    1. There's one 10 minutes from my house.
      They did a lot of catalog/ 'net sales for years, then they went on a building new stores spree and it put them under. They filed bankruptcy.
      Not sure if any stores will stay open or if online sales will continue.

  2. Went to Gander today. 10 to 20% on items. NO markdowns on firearms or ammunition. Apparently progressive markdowns each week. Clerks didn't or wouldn't say if guns or ammo would be eventually discounted. DISAPPOINTED.......

  3. Guns and ammo are supposed to be marked down according to e-mail I got.